Being of service to others is what brings us

with you every step of the way.

JANE Construction is a full service construction firm specializing in finding solutions for your Owner’s Representative, Design, Permitting and/or Construction needs for Residential and Commercial Projects.

We can cover any or all aspects of your project and deliver them as a complete package.

We will be with you every step of the way consulting and advising; all the while keeping in mind your budget requirements in your Construction Project.


Have a project?  Need someone to build it?  JANE has over 50 years combined experience in Managing and building any sort of Project.  Build-outs, Tenant Improvements, ADA Retrofits, Home Remodels or whatever your construction needs.  JANE has the experience, knowledge and resources to make things happen in a timely and cost efficient manner that keeps dream projects from becoming money draining nightmares.


You have an idea of what you want to put into reality.  The problem is, how do you tell it to others in order to make it real?

JANE has the design team that can listen to your needs, translate them into clear legible drawings; that will, not only, give you a visual concept of what you want, but translate it into the proper documents that let the City approve it and the contractors understand it.

This way, you don’t have delays in acquiring the proper permits and your pricing will be more accurate the first time; without the costly markup percentages and time delays caused by negotiating unnecessary change orders, later in the process.


You’ve got the right Architect.  You’ve got the perfect set of plans.  You’ve taken the time to prescreen and select a handful of Contractors to do your Project.  You’ve done your homework.

Congratulations!…You’re not even half way there.

Contracting, scheduling, keeping the City happy, juggling your life’s requirements and don’t forget your Contractor’s favorite word…CHANGE ORDERS all stand between you and your finished product.

  • We can make sure you get what you pay for, up front, with Bid Scopes BEFORE your contractors bid, to ensure apples-to-apples comparisons.  Then, we can make sure you get everything you think you should, for the price you thought you’d pay, with properly worded contracts.
  • Keep completion dates from slipping with weekly meetings and updates from your Contractor, managed by JANE.
  • Help ensure a smooth run the City’s Compliance Departments by keeping the proper paperwork in order and having an understanding of what is required BEFORE they ask for it.
  • While everything is happening on the construction end, you’ve got a career to take care of, family to tend to and you’ve got a 2 week vacation to Hawaii coming up.  How do juggle all of that and still keep everything running smoothly?  JANE will manage your construction project, while you manage the rest of your life.
  • Most important of all…keep your Project on budget.  We know the difference between a real price changing item and just an oversight by your Contractor.  We’ll make sure you do to.


Want to build/renovate?  You will probably need permission from the local governing organizations.  Title 24 compliance, ADA clearances and inconsistent rulings from the Planning Department are just a few things that can derail your wishes to increase the value of your property.  We have the knowledge and know how to cut through the red tape and turn your vision into a reality.